Speaking Topics

Polishing Your Presenation Skills

Reach out and be compassionate. Be true and real. People like to do business with people they know and like. If you come across genuine, they’ll want to do business with you and be more engaged in the conversation. 

This presentation is good for front-line employees, call centres, sales staff and public speakers. Polishing Your Presentation Skills is catered to specific audience.

You Have A Story... So Tell It

Your story isn't about your product or service. Your story is what your product or service can do for others. There are some simple questions you need to ask to discovering your story. The next step is to learn how to tell it. 

This presentation is good for business owners looking to create story driven content and public speakers looking to increase their profile.

How To Get Your Story In Front of the Media

Your business shouldn't be a best kept secret. The media do want your story, you just need to let the know about it. This presentation takes business owners, not-for-profit organizations and public speakers through the simple steps to get their story in front of the media. 

Understand how the media works and how to get your story told.

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