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Christina Rowsell 

Christina’s charismatic personality shines every time she cracks the mic. Her compassionate tone is an endearing quality that makes her listeners smile. With her warm and friendly voice, Christina makes the listener feel like she's having a one on one conversation with them. 

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For the past 27 years Christina has been a recognized broadcast professional in Calgary, Alberta, focusing on making people laugh and smile. She started her career flying over the city reporting traffic, to co-hosting morning shows, working in promotions, hosting locally produced TV and producing and hosting a syndicated show across Canada called 'Christina At Night' on the Corus Network. 

Christina has mastered the art of conversation. With that skill, Christina comes through as a polished speaker and a leader in public speaking. 

Today you can listen to Christina on C97.7 in Calgary weekdays from 10am - 2pm. Listen live HERE. And, if you're up to it, listen to one of the books Christina has narrated. She finally took the leap - and listened to many of her fans asking her - to voice audio books. You'll find a list of books Christina has voiced HERE.  

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