noun: the action

of conveying information or expressing one's thoughts and feelings in spoken language. 

The activity of delivering speeches or public speaking.

You Have A Story - Own It

Minimum of One Hour 

Presentation is 30-45 min,

followed by question period.

Whether you're a business owner or just an individual, your story is what makes you YOU! If you're looking to share your story with the media, or at least tell YOUR story, you need to own it first. By owning it, I mean make sure you have ownership on what your story is and how you want people to see it, hear it, read it and understand it. 

Mastering The Art of Conversation

Minimum of One Hour 

Presentation is 30-45 min,

followed by question period.

In business and in life, communication is key. Effective communication is even better! By being on the radio for 27 years, some have said that I've "mastered the art of conversation." By connecting with my listeners and engaging with the audience, I will share my understanding of effective communicating and how to be heard, not just listened to. And, in turn, how to hear the conversation to effectively connect with your audience. 

Identify Your Personal Brand

Minimum of One Hour

Presentation is 30-45 min,

followed by question period.

Prep time to incorporate individual branding and company values vary.

Personal branding is more important than ever. I will walk you through my own personal rollercoaster ride to discovering my personal brand and why it’s important in life and business. You’ll discover what a personal brand is, and how to identify it. Tie the two together to see how your personal brand can help you grow personally and professionally.


Sheri Bruneau - Get It Together Inc

With Christina's guidance, she has helped me write numerous media releases. As a result, I have had media exposure that I would have never gotten anywhere else! 


I look forward every time I work with Christina as she comes up with great ideas and consistently thinks outside the box.


If you are looking for someone who will not only guide you but coach and teach you how to deal with the media, look no further than Christina!

Tara G - Intact Insurance

"Christina was very relatable and shared very personal experiences in a humorous and vulnerable manner.


She presented herself in a ‘real manner’ which was relatable to everyone in the audience.  


I was impressed on the back ground research she completed on our company and being able to incorporate our corporate values and our CEO into her presentation.  

Overall a great presentation that was well received by all.  Thank you Christina.

Mina Nasir - Intact Insurance 

Christina’s presentation about personal brand was one of my favourite sessions. She did a fantastic job of keeping the presentation light and adding her own personal touch which made it simple and easy for the audience to understand and relate to personally. I also loved how she used our corporate values and tied it back to brand – this part hit home for me.


Christina herself was such a pleasure to connect with and she made sure to go around and chat with a few different people that evening. This created a sense of belonging for those who may have been a bit more introverted and/or perhaps attending such group events for the first time. She was relatable, knowledgeable and very engaging.

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